We help you build sustainable habits

Do you struggle to find the "right" plan?

Have you tried other gym routines only to stop going due to lack of interest and not seeing results?
Do you miss having fun when you work out?
Do you want to compete in obstacle races?
Have you jumped into "fad" fitness programs only to find no one held you accountable?
Do you wish fitness could just be "simple" instead of complicated?
The overabundance of information is very confusing!

We understand, something as fundamental as fitness should not be complicated plus should be fun!

3 Simple Steps

Our 3 Step Fitness Process

step 1

Book A Free Intro

Start with a 30 minute 1-on-1 meeting where we learn about you, your goals and your struggles,

step 2

We Create Your Personal Transformation Plan

Work with a fitness expert to create a simple & sustainable plan for you and who will also hold you accountable so you meet your goals.

step 3

Experience Amazing Results

We help you create a positive mindset with achievable goals to yield sustainable habits!

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30 day at home workout program

Fitness you can do anywhere!



Get your free guide

In order to ensure your safety and others, you must read and follow the guidelines for attending a class at PUSH511.

Attendee Guidelines

New To CrossFit - 30 Day Prep Courses

Private + Nutrition


8 Private, 45-Minute personal training sessions

Customized workouts based on your needs & goals

2 InBody composition scans

60 Minute nutrition consultation

30 days of customized & flexible nutrition coaching

Group + Nutrition


4 X 1-Hour small group fundamental classes

Access to all group classes for the balance of 30 days 

2 InBody composition scans

60 Minute nutrition consultation

30 days of customized & flexible nutrition coaching




4 X 1-Hour small group fundamental classes

Access to all group classes for the balance of 30 days

1 InBody composition scan

All Classes

30 Day Unlimited Classes


Access to all indoor & outdoor classes

Access to Beast Cave

Access to Sunday Yoga & Bootcamp

SugarWOD workout tracking

Private Facebook page

Outdoor Classes

Performing at your best, starts with building a solid base.

New to Fitness?

Why you need to attend the Prep Course. Foundation sessions concentrate on proper movement patterns, fundamental movements, and nutrition basics, providing the tools you need to succeed in your fitness journey.

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How our fitness plan will help you feel confident in your skin

We take care of the details, so you have 1 hour of the day where you do not need to plan just come in, have fun while not being judged.
Constantly varied workout sessions so you never get bored.
Simple and sustainable fitness plan that you can do for the rest of your life.
Workouts to help you build cardio capacity, strength, flexibility and burn fat.
Support system in place providing you accountability and meaningful relationships.
Access to our private Facebook group page providing helpful tips on training, motivation, accountability and support.

Investing In Your Health Today Yields To A Profitable Life

* We provide you the tools and guidance to live fully.

* Let's get you on your journey to good health.

What to expect

The workouts are intense (based on your intensity), taking anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes to complete.  Everyone does the same workout but the intensity and load is modified to fit each person's ability. 

Our plan will develop increased power by moving large loads (your body or your body + weight) over long distances and doing it quickly.

Workouts typically combine explosive exercises done in a circuit format: One exercise follows right after the next.  The exercises involve the whole body and include pushing, pulling, running, rowing, and squatting.

The workouts are completed in a group setting. Everyone does the same WOD (Workout Of the Day).

There are a many different routines and they are always changing. This adds to the excitement of each workout and decreases the risk of becoming bored.

PUSH511 Fitness is...

  • Applicable to all ages and all physical conditions.
  • Evidence based fitness and stresses results.

We prepare you for the unknown because life comes at you fast

Typical Class at PUSH511

Every class is one hour long, we ask that you arrive on time or a few minutes early to get settled in and warmed up.

The coach will call the class together at the start of the hour and explain the class.  The coach will demonstrate all movements and the PUSH511 standards.   The class will start with group mobility, then skill or strength work depending on the main workout. After that, time is given to set up for the main workout, warm-up to the WOD weight and form review.  Once everyone is ready it’s 3...2...1… GO Time.  

Once the workout is completed everyone is asked to put everything away and clean up their area. Then stretching and cool down.

High fives all around and the hour is complete.

Introduce yourself - Cheer for others - Clean up when you are done -  HAVE FUN!!

What Really is Fitness?

The sport of Fitness
We teach constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.
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