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CrossFit is our main group fitness program, consisting of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements. Our programming is designed to enhance strength, power, and conditioning to help you be the best version of yourself.


We combine weighted items such as barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells, coupled with body weight exercises such as pull ups, push ups, sits ups plus cardiovascular with running, rowing and biking.   All combined to be fun and provide you results.


Classes are 1-hour, they are for every fitness level and we guaranty you it will be the best hour of your day!


What makes PUSH511 different from a standard gym is we are a Coaching studio, we are about people not machines.


Our Coaching Team is highly qualified with over 60 years of collective experience.  We believe in ongoing education from multiple sources both within and outside the CrossFit community. We coach form and technique over weight & speed.  

How our fitness plan will help you meet your goals

1-Hour classes, limited to 15 people, with a Coach who is coaching you and not working out with you.
Nutrition Coaching including body composition scans.
Access to private Workout App & Facebook group page providing helpful tips on training, motivation, & social activities.
Programming with proven results that is for everyone, no matter your fitness background. Each persons needs differ by degree not kind.
You have a busy day, so you not need to plan what to do, just come in & have fun. We have the details covered.
Access to the "Beast Cave" to work on strength, skill development outside of classes.
Support system in place with coaches & members providing you accountability and meaningful relationships.
Dog friendly, bring your pup. Who doesn't like to workout with their best friend.

Performing at your best, starts with building a solid base

Building The Foundations

If you are new to CrossFit, you will start with our 30 or 90 Day Prep Course.  The initial Foundation sessions teach you proper movement patterns of the fundamental movements we do in our classes. In addition you have your own personal Nutrition Coach to teach you Healthy Nutrition Habits, including body composition scans.


We will provide you the tools to succeed in your wellness journey.

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New To CrossFit - Prep Courses

90 Days: Group + Nutrition + Personal Training


4 X 1-Hour fundamental classes

Access to all group classes for the balance of the 90 days 

3, 30-Minute Personal Training sessions

4 Body composition scans

60 Minute initial nutrition consultation

90 days of healthy habit nutrition coaching


30 Days: Group + Nutrition


4 X 1-Hour fundamental classes

Access to all group classes for the balance of the 30 days

2 Body composition scans

60 Minute initial nutrition consultation

30 days of healthy habit nutrition coaching

Group Class Options: Post Prep Course OR Have CrossFit Experience

Monthly Unlimited Classes


Access to all CrossFit Classes

Access to Sunday Yoga & Bootcamp

Access to Beast Cave - Open Gym

SugarWOD workout tracking

Private Facebook page


$30 & $75

Experienced CrossFitter's Only

1 Class Drop-In: $30

7 Days Unlimited Classes: $75

If you are visiting Baltimore for 1 day or 1 week we can help keep your fitness going

Access to all Classe: CrossFit, Yoga, Bootcamp + Open Gym on Friday Night & Sunday morning

3 Simple Steps

Our 3 Step Fitness Process

step 1

Book A Free Intro

Start with a 30 minute 1-on-1 meeting where we learn about you, your goals and your struggles,

step 2

We Create Your Personal Transformation Plan

Work with a fitness expert to create a simple & sustainable plan for you and who will also hold you accountable so you meet your goals.

step 3

Experience Amazing Results

We help you create a positive mindset with achievable goals to yield sustainable habits!


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Investing In Your Health Today Yields To A Profitable Life

* We provide you the tools and guidance to live fully.

* Let's get you on your journey to good health.

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What Really is Fitness?

The sport of Fitness
We coach constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.
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