Do you struggle to find the "right" fitness plan for your child?

Does your child like to play & have fun?
Do you want to make sure your child is learning proper movement patterns early in their development?
Is your child participating in team sports and you want to make sure they are strong to compete without getting injured?
Is your child a little shy and would benefit with meeting new friends in a playful atmosphere?
Does your child have excess energy that you would like to release?
Would you like to get a workout in while your child is working out and you do not need to monitor?

We understand, something as fundamental as a child's fitness should not be complicated plus it should be fun!

Spring 2023 - Starts March 11th (Registration will open late February)

FitKids - JV Varsity


* 5 - 7 Year olds

* Saturday 10:30 am, 45 minutes

* 8 Sessions: March 11th - April 29th

* Limited to 6 kids

FitKids - Varsity


* 7+ - 12 Year olds

* Saturday 11:15 am, 45 minutes

* 8 Sessions: March 11th - April 29th

* Limited to 6 kids

We help kids change their lives!

Be More - Learn More - Grow Stronger

FitKids focuses on continued development in a fun environment. We start with fundamental healthy movement patterns and we begin to introduce a few higher-level athletics such as technique work, accuracy, flexibility, coordination, body weight strength, core strength, endurance, and goal-setting. This is also the age group where we start to introduce workouts and begin to touch on nutrition. We end each day with a game or two where we keep their minds and bodies active while working toward excellent teamwork and leadership skills.

Fitness is Fun and who knows that better than Kids!

Your kids will learn to love fitness, nutrition, and develop good motor patterns for functional movement that will benefit them for a lifetime and create the safest foundation for sports and training programs in their future. They will also benefit from coaches who have been trained and certified in how movement affects academics, healthy social interactions, problem-solving and a positive growth mindset.

A TON of development occurs between the age of 5 and 10 so as each athlete progresses, our expectations raise to keep them challenged consistently.

We want kids to have the freedom and fearlessness to engage wholeheartedly with the world throughout their entire lives, and that confidence can be found at FitKids!

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Investing in your child's health today yields a lifetime of happiness

* We provide you the tools and guidance to help your child develop fully.

* Let’s get your child on a lifetime journey of good health.

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