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"I cannot say enough great things about PUSH511! "

Laura Rice

I cannot say enough great things about PUSH511! It is very well-run box with an amazing owner who always puts her members first and is constantly thinking of ways to let us know she appreciates our business. The coaches are patient and talented and I've learned a ton from them already. I appreciate the tips and extra care they show me as I try and master a new skill. I love being a part of this CrossFit family and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new box. I moved to Fed Hill in September and I still make the trek to Canton; it's absolutely worth it!

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"I LOVE PUSH!! It's the best place ever! "

Lysette Deshields
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"Your mentorship has been more significant to me than you thought or could imagine; "

Sebastien Fitzpatrick

The Navy has selected me for promotion to First Class Petty Officer. I want to thank you. You helped me achieve this, your yelling at me to tell me to keep moving, don't stop now, to pick up the barbell, stuck with me long after walking out the doors when the workout was over. Your mentorship has been more significant to me than you thought or could imagine; every aspect of my life has been affected in some way by you. It is because of how much you mean to me that I am holding my frocking ceremony at PUSH511.

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"Incredible coaching staff, programming that pushes you to your limits, and a wonderful community feel."

Emily Scott Connors

Incredible coaching staff, programming that pushes you to your limits, and a wonderful community a transplant to Baltimore from NYC I couldn't asked to have stumbled upon a more wonderfully run gym. Join!!!

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"PUSH511 has completely changed my life. "


PUSH511 has completely changed my life.  After a very traumatic labor and delivery, I didn't think my body would ever be the same again.  My husband had been doing CrossFit for a few months and encouraged me to check it out. Although I felt quite intimidated walking through the doors, the coaches and other PUSH members made me feel completely comfortable and gave me hope for getting myself back in shape.  I have been a member of PUSH for a year now and don't know what I would do without my CrossFit family!  At times, making fitness a regular part of my life can be challenging with a toddler at home, my husband and I alternate classes so that we can make it work for all of us.  I used to dread going to the gym, but now I look forward to it!  And after experiencing CrossFit workouts, I realized that I had never really pushed myself and had been wasting my time with my previous exercise routine.   I feel that CrossFit has given me back my confidence, health, and energy---and I'm a better person for it!

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"We joined PUSH511 not only for the fitness component but also the community"

Leone Hermans-Blackburn

I have had the most positive, inspiring and just all around fun experiences at PUSH. So you know, the first thing I checked before moving, was the location of the CrossFit boxes.

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"Always look forward to a new personal challenge every day at the box, and it IS the community that keeps me coming back! "

Matt Dodd
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"I have to say it is an honor and privilege to be apart of such a great community!"

Sabrina Knott

Being my first competition and being new to the PUSH community, I didn't know what to expect. But not only did I have a blast and meet more amazing people, but I got to experience first hand the support of everyone at the gym which helped me push myself further then I'd ever thought I would go! Thank you to my team and all the other teams and spectators, I have to say it is an honor and privilege to be apart of such a great community!

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"PUSH511 has created one of the best communities in Baltimore city."

Mike Kinsman

Their members come from many, many different backgrounds to focus together on being happier and healthier in work, in play, and in life. You will make new friends here, discover new talents, learn new things, and feel great about eating more bacon. PUSH is much, much more than a great workout. - Mike Kinsman

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"Thanks for putting together such a great place to workout!"

Kristen made me appreciate the time each of our coaches spends going over each workout, what to be thinking about, and the whole workout itself every day (even when it's just simple movements like burpees).  I also very much appreciate the attention our coaches pay during the workout.  Things like walking around and providing cues, encouragement, and reminders or work/rest time is so meaningful.  Thanks for putting together such a great place to workout!

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"This is quickly becoming my home away from home. Friendly, open, and very fit people. Camaraderie at its finest."

Wilfredo Flores
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" In less than 10 months later and now 42 years old, it has changed my life! "

Steve Misewich

Started CrossFit at PUSH511 in Baltimore in February, 2013. I was intimidated and apprehensive to start doing this at 41 years old after 5 knee operations and being 290lbs. and in the worst shape of my life. I spoke to one of the owners, Ardyth Hall and she assured me that I could scale the workouts and I should just try it. In less than 10 months later and now 42 years old, it has changed my life! I have a 1 year old son that was my motivation to get back into shape, and CrossFit has gone above and beyond my expectations. I'm now 66lbs lighter and as fit as I was in my 20's as a college athlete. I'm so glad I walked into that box back in February. One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. CrossFit is for everyone of all ages! I'll never be the guy that finishes in 1st place after a WOD, but I make sure I finish. I also rarely Rx the workouts, but every day I get better and life couldn't be better!

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"Thanks a lot Ardyth. You've built a really awesome gym and community it's what I'll miss most about Baltimore!"

Drew Fattlar
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"You have an awesome box with a great vibe"

Justin Simcock
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"The coach on duty made me feel so at home and has such a passion for her job made me workout even harder! You take the extra step to reach out and make new members become family members at PUSH511 ! "

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"Tonight I went for a run. Pain free."

Kim Haig

Almost three years ago to the day I was training for the Disney Marathon and tore my meniscus. A month later I had ACL repair and was pretty much told not to run anymore. I followed doctor's orders and was a good girl and did my therapy and rehab. I did my "low impact" activities and still had pain and never felt like I got a good workout.

Two years ago, one of my best friends suggested I try eating Paleo to reduce inflammation in my knee. Within weeks I was pretty much pain free in my knee. But still, I refused to try running because I wasn't supposed to.  So I biked. And biked. And got more and more bored. And never felt like I was in shape.

SO, a year ago I dove into CrossFit at PUSH511 and haven't looked back since.

I would love to say that I have dropped tons of pounds and dress sizes, but I would be lying. I weigh the same, if not 5 pounds more than I did before. I may be down one pants size. My knee still bugs me sometimes but I can usually tell you exactly why. Life gets in the way and I have times when I am lucky to make it to the box once a week. But I am stronger. Healthier. Faster. Harder to Kill.

Tonight I went for a run. Two miles. More than I have in three years.

Tonight I went for a run. An easy run, I didn't push myself...but it ended up being the same pace that used to be my race pace.

Tonight I went for a run. Pain free.

Tonight I went for a run. And it was AWESOME.

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"When I come back to Baltimore, I know where I'm going to train to not suck at life."

Gabe Cisneros
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"PUSH enlightened me & gave me the competitive atmosphere I had been missing since college. "

Josh Muskin - PUSH511 Coach

This community is unlike any other, unbelievably supportive, motivating, & in some cases a bit nuts (reference drunken wall-ball ladder), but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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"Can’t imagine living in Baltimore without PUSH"

Kalen Kenney

PUSH has been an incredible way for me to feel like a part of something bigger in Baltimore and has made my transition to a new city so enjoyable. Can’t imagine living in Baltimore without PUSH. Looking forward to more great memories to come… 

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"The coaches, athletes and facility at PUSH are phenomenal."

David Claassen
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"PUSH511 is a place for EVERYONE. "

Rob Nichol

They are encouraging, helpful and most of all a crew of people I look forward to seeing on every visit no matter how terrible the workout appears.

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"Keep on motivating folks to live a healthy lifestyle! You guys definitely had a positive impact on mine. "

Derek Macioce
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" I can’t believe how my life has changed for the better over the last year! "

Amy McGinley

It probably added years to my life expectancy. It took me from 10 years of being a complete couch potato to fit in no time. I love it!!!

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"Thanks for your passion. It's contagious."

Jordan Takas
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"... I realize this is the best thing I have ever done."

Dawn Rogers
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" there is always such a good vibe in that place; puts me in a good mood. "

Mary Pat Barr
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" Getting started with CrossFit with you guys (PUSH511) has probably been the best thing I've ever done for my health and fitness."

Eric Lam
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"This is a fine place to get your ass kicked."

Mike Peters
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"Joining PUSH511, has been one of the best choices I have made"

Stephen Cattalo
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"What a great facility, love the historic, real Baltimore feel. "

Richard Meehan

The members were also great, introducing themselves, to a visitor, making me feel welcome and being really supportive.

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"You guys do change lives. That I know from experience! "

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"Friendly people, strong workouts, there is a competitive aspect yet it's also low pressure. "

Wyatt Everhart

Nothing you can do on your own matches what you can achieve when you work out in tandem with others.

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