Performing at your best, starts with building a solid base.

The Importance of Foundations

By: Corinne Pettigrew, PhD, CF-L1


At PUSH511, we do not have you jump into group CrossFit classes until you have the basic understanding of CrossFit. Our ‘Foundations’ sessions concentrate on proper movement patterns, fundamental movements, and nutrition basics, providing the tools you need to succeed in your fitness journey. Classes include a warm-up, skill training, and a workout that ties together the learned material. But why is Foundations important? Four of PUSH511’s Foundations coaches weigh in. 



  • To give you the tools to move properly – i.e., safely, and with proper technique – before performing workouts with high intensity or you are under weight. Proper performance of the basics supports the development of more advanced skills/movements over time, and is critical to preventing injury.

  • To identify specific weaknesses or areas that need extra attention. 



  • To learn the importance of a workout’s intent, how to approach different types of workouts, and how to pace workouts appropriately. 

  • To learn the importance of adapting a workout’s movements and/or intensity to your capacity, skill level, or limitations (referred to as ‘scaling’). All new members, regardless of their backgrounds, need to scale/modify workouts at the beginning of their fitness journey. The workouts are the same for everyone; workouts differ only in degree (weight, intensity), not kind.



  • To provide exposure to the types of movements you will see in PUSH11 classes, the types of workouts you will perform, and provide an opportunity to ask questions. This will give you the confidence to attend classes. 

  • To show you PUSH11’s space, and introduce you to the PUSH511 community. 


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