What Is Your (Members) Why?

We recently surveyed the PUSH511 community to learn their WHY. See prior blog on What is the Coaches Why. To get at this, we asked three open-ended questions: 

(1) What motivates you to do CrossFit

(2) Why do you choose PUSH511?

(3) In your opinion, what makes the PUSH511 community special?

35% (N = 55) of the PUSH511 community responded (42% Women, Overall 62% are 30-39 years of age). Read on, learn what drives and motivates the PUSH511 community.  Peek inside a day at PUSH511.

(1) What is your WHY - What motivates you to do CrossFit?

58% – Impact physical health: to get in shape/stay in shape, to feel healthy, to impact overall health/live a healthy lifestyle, to lose/maintain weight, because they’re impressed by what the body can do. 

CrossFit is a physical activity program, so perhaps this isn’t surprising. But the emphasis on a healthy lifestyle is notable. 

51% – Self-improvement (i.e., gainz): to make themselves better, to learn new things, challenge/push themselves (set and meet goals) – and accordingly, see gainz/results. Importantly, this also includes self-confidence. 

Athletes can commit as much effort (or not) as they’d like to CrossFit workouts, and to developing/perfecting the skills involved in various movements. It seems a good chunk of the community appreciates this challenge 

24% – Community: the friends/social aspect of group CrossFit classes, the accountability and motivation that comes from working out with others (who ultimately become your friends), the push these friends provide, the team atmosphere.   Meet the Members of PUSH511.

If you can find the community that you love, that makes ‘fitness’ enjoyable, working out won’t be a chore. The community theme was extraordinarily common throughout these survey results. 

18% – Mental health: in other words, stress relief and stress management. (Think: work-life balance.) Having a physical, social, and mental outlet (as one tends to find through CrossFit) can have an incredible impact on multiple aspects of overall health. 

Other responses: vanity/the way it makes them look (13%); constantly varied workouts/never bored (11%); increased energy (9%); fun!; avoid injury; decrease pain.

(2) Why do you choose PUSH511?

75% – Community: the people they workout with become friends; the welcoming, friendly, and supportive community.

44% – Convenience: class times and location. Notably, many who mentioned that they initially joined PUSH511’s due to location further indicated that they’ve stayed because they’re happy with the community, workouts, coaches, etc.

27% – Atmosphere: the positive, supportive atmosphere/environment.

25% – Quality of coaching: knowledgeable and caring coaches with a strong emphasis on techniques and skills.

Other responses: competitiveness (5%); referred by others (5%); programming (4%); puppies (4% - yes, PUSH511 is dog friendly!).  Meet the Dogs of PUSH511.

(3) In your opinion, what makes the PUSH511 community special?

71% – Community & friendships

51% – Positive, supportive, and inclusive atmosphere

25% – Quality of coaching

13% – The thoughtful, caring, kind, gym owner, Ardyth Hall! To include some quotes, Ardy “cultivates a supportive community” by being a “caring gym (and business) owner”; “…she created a space for anyone and everyone to thrive.”

Other responses: healthy competitiveness and inspiration from others (16%); programming (13%); the extras, including the Beast Cave, clinics, happy hours, puppies and babies, competitions, and coffee.

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