What is Your (Coaches) Why?

Ardyth (Owner of PUSH511) recently challenged the PUSH511 coaches to think about their WHY: what drives them to stand in front of the white board, to provide athletes with feedback, to devote their time to coaching? This post summarizes the WHYs of nine Coaches. Responses were easily grouped into four broad categories: the first three related to athlete development, the fourth more ‘selfish’.

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IMPROVE FITNESS: The first category is directly related to improving the athlete’s performance in the gym. Your coaches expressed a unanimous desire to share their knowledge, to inspire athletes, to build the foundation that allows athletes of all levels to improve performance. By working on skills, by drilling good form, by pushing athletes to do more, your coaches facilitate the speed with which athletes learn and (safely) progress. Over time, this enables athletes to achieve their short- and long-term goals, whether it’s that first pull-up, Rx’ing Cindy, squatting to depth, or ten unbroken muscle-ups.


ENRICH LIFESTYLE: Performance inside the gym is one thing, but your coaches recognize that lessons learned in the gym can also be applied to the athlete’s everyday life. By helping to challenge athletes, by helping them accomplish their goals, your coaches hope to enable athletes to gain a better understanding of themselves, what they are capable of, and to enhance self-confidence. Your coaches want to see athletes transfer lessons learned in the gym to their everyday lives: for stress reduction, and for healthy, enriched lifestyles.

IMPACT LONGEVITY: The third category is not immediately measurable, but takes the form of prevention. Your coaches want to help instill skills and habits that allow athletes to lead active, productive lives, applying functional fitness for continued, multifaceted health now AND in old age. There’s an emphasis on ‘multifaceted’ because your coaches identified a number of long-term health outcomes – not only physical health and current fitness level, but also cardiovascular health, mobility, brain health, nutrition, and injury prevention over time.

‘SELFISH’ REASONS: Lastly, the ‘selfish’ reasons. It goes without saying that your coaches coach because they enjoy doing so. Watching an athlete achieve a goal or a PR because of a cue provided is incredibly rewarding. But your coaches also want to be role models – both by learning new skills to teach others, and pushing themselves in order to inspire others. In short, your coaches want to have a positive impact on the athletes of PUSH511 – but probably not nearly as much of an impact as the athletes have on each other.

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