“the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

Thanksgiving is the time of year we tend to step back from the chaos in our lives to think about what we are grateful for. This should be part of our daily routine, take 5 minutes at the start or end of your day to reflect on what you are grateful for.  These last 8+ months have emotionally stretched us in ways we have never experienced.

Be grateful you have your health, your family, your friends including the 4-legged furry BFF’s. Be grateful you have a job, be grateful to all those that help you in ways you do not necessarily see on a daily basis.  Health care, police, fire, post office, teachers, food service workers.

More importantly in addition to noting what you are grateful for, you must “return kindness.”  Challenge yourself between now and year-end to actively do a daily act of kindness.  Just think, if each one of us makes kindness a daily habit how much better the world will be.  We are all one community and we need each other to survive. Reach out to your fellow CrossFit friends or Personal Trainer Coach in a workout and tell them how grateful you are for them to share in your fitness.

"Expressing gratitude helps us see people in their best light and accept them for who they are. The more gratitude we practice, the deeper our empathy and compassion for them becomes." - Ian Morgan Cron

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