Parents Fight Quarantine Fatigue

PUSH511 members Erika & Steve Misewich talk about being parents during a quarantine with WJZ.

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Parenting experts warn of “quarantine fatigue” for families dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re all sort of thrown into this. We don’t really have a precedent for it. And, we’re all just sort of in survival mode,” UMD Professor of Psychology Andrea Chronis-Tuscano said. “We have to figure out how to balance our physical health with our mental health needs and how to find some joy during the extended quarantine.”

Chronis-Tuscano, a child clinical psychologist, says structure is important to maintain and parents should manage expectations.  “We, in a way, are setting the stage for future stressors that come up,” Chronis-Tuscano said. “(Parents) set the emotional tone for the family.”

Baltimore parents Erika and Steve Misewich say the quarantine has felt like “Groundhog Day.” “We write the day of the week on a board every day, just to keep track,” Erika Misewich said. “It really does feel like every day is same as the last one."

PUSH511 helped them survive by doing At Home CrossFit classes and Nutrition coaching.

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