Nutrition Spotlight: Lucas

Do you feel like you need direction with your nutrition? Or are you burnt out from finding a plan that fits into your lifestyle? Then it might be time to start working with a nutrition coach!

Lucas joined PUSH511's group CrossFit classes in late March of 2021. in December 2021, he also started nutrition coaching with PUSH511 to fast-track his progress. In just over a year since working with a nutrition coach, he's seen incredible results! We touched base with him to learn more about his experience with nutrition coaching and how it helped him reach his goals.

My name is Lucas Gonzalez and I am a construction superintendent, currently building the new Baltimore peninsula.

"I felt like I lost the grip of my nutrition and needed direction. I previously did bodybuilding in 2015-16 and felt like I never had a grip of my nutrition since. I think the extreme dieting messed me up mentally and physically. Mostly felt like I didn’t have a balance with my social life. I got the vibe that here at PUSH folks had a pretty good social/gym life.

"I’ve lost 20 or so pounds, I’ve been able to maintain a good grip of my nutrition since I started working with Steve"

Many people think that extreme deprivation dieting is necessary for weight loss, but this simply isn't true! If you cannot follow a nutrition plan consistently, you will not see results. This is why we believe it's so important to maintain balance and a plan that you can apply to your specific lifestyle! Doing this allows you to see results and actually keep them for a long period of time.

Another perk of nutrition coaching is that you may experience a bunch of other benefits aside from weight loss or strength gain! In Lucas' case:

"My digestion is pretty good, had some digestive issues before, bloating, etc. and I don’t get those issues anymore, I’m generally more physically active through the day also.

When we asked Lucas what he's learned from nutrition coaching at PUSH that he wasn't doing before:

"To not feel guilt after eating a regular meal, before I would feel guilt and fall off the wagon with my diet and eating lots of greens to keep my hunger down.

"I’d recommend working with Steve, he’s helped me come along way and just think what you put in your body now could affect you in the future."

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