Nutrition Spotlight: Amy

Amy is PUSH511's August nutrition spotlight!

Amy has been working with her PUSH511 nutrition coach, Steve, for almost three months. Even though this is a relatively short amount of time, she has seen incredible results!

Amy is from NW Pennsylvania and is a registered nurse. We asked her why she sought out a nutrition coach to work with:

"I had little to no metabolism and was eating minimal calories a day but lifting and working out daily. I saw no changes and was frustrated."

Amy signed up for PUSH511's one-on-one macros nutrition coaching. In just a few months "I have gained 4.5lbs of muscle and dropped body fat, which is a huge goal of mine."

Many people think that working with a nutrition coach means that they will have to eat less. But that's often not true! In Amy's case, she learned "I need to eat more. [I learned to choose] my foods wisely but also giving myself some grace knowing I can not gain all my weight back in one day.

Nutrition coaching with PUSH511 has given Amy more agency with her nutrition. "I feel more in control with eating. I feel like I mentally plan ahead and I know how to choose wisely. Consistency is key but life will go on if I fall behind."

When we asked Amy what she likes the most about working with a PUSH nutrition coach she told us "I appreciate Steve being so kind and understanding. He is very positive and motivating. It makes me want to keep going so I can hear him praise me!"

If you are looking for someone to help you get stronger and take the guesswork out of nutrition, it's time to work with a nutrition coach! Read more about working one-on-one with a nutrition coach or joining our fall Mastering Macros Challenge!

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