Member of the Month - July 2022

Congratulations, Mallory!

Mallory is our July Member of the Month! Mallory is a fixture in PUSH511's group CrossFit classes. This is why her coaches love having her in class:

Mallory is always up for the challenge. From doing The Open, first in-house competition, pushing heavier weights, and testing different skills - it’s been awesome to see her progress and she hasn’t even been here a year yet. Looking forward to seeing how she’ll progress with us as she passes year two.

I’ve only begun coaching Mallory as of recent, but each time she walks in with a smile on her face and is eager to keep on getting better each day. 10/10 would recommend having Mallory in your class!

Mallory has been a fantastic athlete at PUSH511. With a great smile and bright eyes, she takes on the workouts and has shown tremendous improvement over the many months. She shows up day in and day out and continues to impress us with great form and attention to movement. She's always there for a fist bump and a motivation to other athletes. She might be quiet, but she's definitely fierce!

Now, let's get to know our July Member of the Month!

When did you start CrossFit? May 2021.

What's your fitness background? I was a competitive gymnast for most of my childhood. When I got to high school I played field hockey, track, and tennis. No sports in college.

What's your favorite CrossFit movement? Deadlift.

What's your least favorite movement? Snatching.

What do you do for work? Financial analyst.

Tell us a little about yourself and your family. I live in Baltimore now with friends but I grew up in Ocean City, MD where my family still lives. I love going home to the beach as much as possible in the summer. I went to Towson University and graduated in 2019.

Tell us something we didn't know about you! I actually started CrossFit with my mom and dad. I still go to classes with them when I’m home.

How has CrossFit affected your life outside of the gym? It’s boosted my confidence in a lot of aspects of life. I feel strong mentally and physically.

What do you enjoy most about PUSH? How welcoming everyone is and how great the coaches are. They really try and help you get better and give you tips/advice. I really appreciate that since CrossFit is still new to me. Also, I love how everyone cheers each other on and motivates one another. Oh and the fact PUSH is a 5 min walk from my house.

What tips would you give to someone who is just getting started with working out? Even on the days you really don’t feel like going, just go you’ll feel so much better afterward. Don’t compare yourself to others skill-wise when just starting. It takes time and practice, you’ll get there!

What's your favorite song to work out to? Big booty volume 21 or any rap really.

What's your favorite restaurant? Hibachi.

Who's your hero (real or fictional)? My mom.

What does your frequently used emoji tab look like? Mallory R Frequently Used Emojis

Words to live by or favorite quote? Progress not perfection.

What's your favorite travel spot? San Diego, CA

If you could win an Olympic gold medal for any sport, real or fake, what would it be? Gymnastics, specifically floor or vault.

What's your hidden talent? I’m not talented.

What are your top five favorite movements? Not a big movie or TV person but could watch Friends all day every day.

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