Developing Mindfulness

Now that we have focused on Being Present, it is time to build on developing mindfulness.

Step 2: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the Science of Attention Training. It helps you to look at the patterns in your life and become less judgmental of yourself.  The less judgmental of ourselves we become, the less judgmental we will be of others.

How to be Mindful through Meditation

  • It is Practice/Training, this is not an experience.  Set aside time in the day.
  • Not about stopping your mind from wandering it will always wander RATHER it is about bringing your mind back to what is here and now.
  • Not about relaxation or “feeling good”.  It is about being in the moment and softening the reaction on how you feel, not being judgmental of yourself.

Practice the 4 R’s

There are various versions of this practice, I like how Tara Brach and Andrew Chapman breakout.

  1. Recognize – The moment you recognized your mind wandered.
  2. Relax - Allow yourself to be compassionate & kind to yourself.
  3. Return - Investigate why your mind wandered.
  4. Refocus - Nurture a new response.

In 2021 I started my meditation journey.  At first, I thought Meditation Is Bullshit then after a month of practicing I realized Mediation Is Not Bullshit.   Give it a try there is no downside!

Next step is Developing Self-Awareness.

Daily fitness helps to clear your mind and reduce stress/anxiety, which helps you to be more mindful of yourself and others.  Let PUSH511 help you with your fitness through CrossFit Group Classes and Personal Training.

Sources/Helpful Sites:

Tara Brach

Andrew Chapman - Wild Heart Meditation Center

Pema Chodron - How to Meditate

Apps: Insight Timer and Calm



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