Aches & Pains...Lead to gains

How do we maximize our longevity?

How do we ensure that we can continue to do what we love (presumably CrossFit) for as long as possible?

  • When aches & pains inevitably arrive, take action to remedy them IMMEDIATELY. This seems an obvious conclusion, but it is sometimes a difficult one in the context of an already full schedule (or a hard head).

My background:

I am a CFL-1 trainer and have been coaching and actively participating in CrossFit since 2012. I have been practicing CrossFit since 2008 and have had my fair share of aches & pains. Ignoring them and allowing them to mature into adult aches & pains has sidelined me in the past. I would like to pass on this wisdom earned over the past 10 years from those experiences: it takes less time to address an ache or pain as it arrives than it does to recover from an injury it may cause.

We are fortunate that the CrossFit community has wealth of information and services available to us on this very topic: Aches & Pains and how to address them. See below for a curated list of my favorites.

I believe that:


If you are the kind of person that loves to explore, fiddle, and reverse engineer then these resources are a great place to get started:

Mandatory items you should have at home are a foam roller and lacrosse ball. I encourage you to do and learn as much as you can yourself. Knowledge is power and often times a discovery made while diagnosing an ache or pain will set you up for gains. For example, while diagnosing knee pain I discovered I had a imbalanced motor pattern between my adductors and abductors while squatting. A dramatic improvement in performance followed that discovery.

If you prefer outside help:

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