Nutrition Spotlight: Seth

In a world full of splashy fad diets, it's easy to expect to reach your goals in a matter of weeks or months. The truth is that, depending on your goals, it will most likely take longer than that. This is especially true if you actually want to maintain your results long after you reach them!

Meet Seth, who has been working with PUSH511 nutrition coach, Steve, for about two years. In that time, Seth has:

  • Lost 51.1 pounds of body weight
  • Maintained his lean muscle mass
  • Lost 11.8% body fat

What did Seth do to see such incredible results?

"I'm Seth Stauble and I've been a member at PUSH511 for a little under two years. For work, I'm a Systems Engineer at a large defense contractor.

"I needed to get back into the gym and focus on getting back into shape. As a former D3 athlete (football) I was concerned with living a healthy lifestyle and keeping my weight under control for long-term health. I was years removed from having healthy habits and my lack of exercise and poor nutrition really started to impact my hobbies and general energy levels.

"I found PUSH and figured it was a good idea to take a look at how I should handle my nutrition as I started my workout journey so I figured I'd give working with a Nutrition Coach a shot!

"Not only is the weight loss great but I have maintained my Skeletal Muscle Mass at around the same level as when I started at PUSH and my gains in the gym, my confidence, and my energy levels have all really improved!"

Many people want to make many drastic changes to their lifestyles all at once to see results overnight. While this will help people see some progress fairly quickly, it's not sustainable. People who take this approach burn out quickly and lose any progress they see.

It's more sustainable to start with a few small changes that you can apply consistently. While this doesn't seem exciting or drastic enough to change anything, it allows new habits to set in. Over time, these small modifications to your lifestyle create big changes! Seth reached his results by implementing simple changes as well:

"[I learned to] drink more water consistently. Eating smaller meals more frequently works well for me. Also having more general nutritional accountability, especially when dining out!"

Drastic fad diets also focus on eliminating entire food groups. One of the benefits of taking a more balanced approach, even if it takes longer, is that it actually helps you feel great in the process of reaching your goals!

"Being able to feel good about my nutrition has spilled over into other parts of my life. Having more energy during the workday helps me at my job and allows me to pursue other hobbies when I get home from work. I used to have issues at high altitudes which is problematic as someone who is a lifelong snowboarder and enjoys hiking, but recently I was able to hike my first 14er (14,000 ft elevation) in Colorado pretty easily!"

When we asked Seth what advice he would give someone considering working with a nutrition coach, this is what he had to say:

"Making healthy habits takes time and it's okay to have days where I may not hit all of my goals. The important thing to do is to not dwell on it and rather start the next day getting back into my routine. It's important to make your nutritional goals realistic and manageable each week. Results are not immediate so consistency is key!"

If you're interested in taking control of your nutrition, learn more about how working with a PUSH511 nutrition coach can help you!

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