Nutrition Spotlight: Joseph

Many people believe that in order to be successful with a nutrition program, you have to give up the things they love. If you think that working with a nutrition coach means you'll have to give up happy hours and nights out with friends, we want you to meet Joseph:

"I’m Joseph Isaac and I’m a software config analyst as well as Data Analyst. I felt that even though I was working out hard in the gym, I wasn’t able to see the results I wanted. I always knew nutrition was important but I never solely focused on it so I wanted to give it a shot."

Joseph has been working with Coach Steve, one of PUSH511's nutrition coaches, for a year. He signed up for nutrition coaching to lose body fat while maintaining his muscle mass and his results over the past 12 months have been amazing:

  • Maintained lean muscle mass
  • Lost 4% body fat
  • Lost 15 pounds body weight

How did working alongside a nutrition coach help Joseph to reach his goals?

"The biggest thing [I learned] was the added focus to dietary habits and discipline. I was able to receive reassurance that I was on the right track.

"I am more resistant to setbacks. Even when I go on vacation or visit home for the holidays I am able to stay more disciplined as well as fall back into routine once I return to my normal habitat.

"[The healthy habit that helped the most is] Being conscious and aware of defeating the weekend. It’s easy to work hard during the weekdays then undoing a lot of progress over the weekend. With a little more awareness and smarter choices you can still enjoy life without setting yourself back."

It is possible to reach your health goals without sacrificing your weekends, the foods you love, or special events such as vacations. The benefit of working with a nutrition coach is that he or she can help navigate the guesswork of applying a consistent nutrition plan to your life.

"If you have never put the nutrition part of your health journey first, just try it! I’ve learned the true importance of it making everything else as beneficial and efficient as possible!

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