Member of the Month - July 2021

Congratulations, Heather!

Heather is our July Member of the Month! Here's why the PUSH511 coaches love having her in class:

Heather always comes into a CrossFit class with the most upbeat and positive attitude. Always has a smile on her face even during the toughest WODs. Acknowledges everyone in class. Very coachable and fun to be around. Always up for the challenge if you encourage her she’ll take your word on it. Not surprised she’s member of the month. She definitely deserves it!

I just met Heather on Saturday and she was smiling the whole time, cheering everyone on. She definitely stood out!

Yessss, Heather is so great! She was so enthusiastic in foundations and such a bright light, just as she continues to be! She has a great attitude, she wants to get better but she also wants to have fun. It’s the right mix that brightens up any class. She is so deserving of member of the month!

Heather is so much fun to have in class! She learns very quickly and isn’t afraid to ask questions or put herself out there to try new things. She is super friendly and mixes in well with any class she’s in. It will be really fun to see how much she improves as she continues to learn!

Well deserved athlete of the month! Heather always comes in with a huge smile on her face, eager to learn and receive feedback. She’s a breath of fresh air and such a joy to coach and be in class with. You can’t have a bad time with her in your class, her positivity and energy are contagious. We need more Heathers in the world!

Heather always showed up to our meetings with an upbeat attitude and a smile on her face! I really enjoyed being her nutrition coach, she was always very receptive to ideas and feedback. This was evident in the awesome results she had within just one month of coaching! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for her at PUSH511!

Now, let's get to know our July Member of the Month!

When did you start CrossFit? April 2021.

What's your fitness background? I grew up on cardio because I played a lot of soccer. So weightlifting and training and gymnastics are super alien concepts to me.

What’s your favorite CrossFit movement? I loved doing the barbell squats!

What’s your least favorite movement? Burpees!

What do you do for work? I am a research scientist for the government. I work to bring affordable pharmaceutical medications to the American public.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family. I grew up just outside of Philadelphia, PA where most of my family still is. I moved to Baltimore in 2012 for graduate school and over the years fell in love with Baltimore for its quirkiness and have come to call it home.

Tell us something we don’t know about you! I’m an avid DIY’er. Really great at taking things apart, terrible putting them back together.

How has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym? It’s really made me just feel like I’m in a more positive state. I also feel stronger.

What do you enjoy most about PUSH? I love the camaraderie and social aspect of PUSH. Everyone has been welcoming and supportive and it's the best part of my day I look forward to.

What's your favorite song to work out to? I'm more of a podcast person. Love to learn new things. My go-to podcasts are Planet Money and Business Wars.

What's your favorite restaurant? Thames Street Oyster House.

Who's your hero (real or fictional)? Captain America.

What does your frequently used emoji tab look like? I'm too old to answer this question lol

Words to live by or favorite quote? “People remember how you make them feel, not what you do” -Maya Angelou

What's your favorite travel spot? I haven’t traveled many places but skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland was the most epic trip ever and it’s a place I’d go back to.

If you could win an Olympic gold medal for any sport, real or fake, what would it be? Soccer.

What's your hidden talent? Cooking.

What are your top five favorite movies?

  1. Armageddon
  2. Gladiator
  3. The Revenant
  4. The Fast and the Furious
  5. A Christmas Story
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