How to have a healthier work day

10 Tips For A Healthier Workday

#1 Keep healthy snacks nearby 

Healthy snack options at work make it easier to say no to less nutritious snacks during the day.

Pro Tip:

  • Bring healthy snacks in bulk to keep at the office on Monday to eat throughout the week. It takes less time than packing a snack each and every day! 

#2 - Bring your own lunch

When you make your own meals, you get to control what foods you get to eat. Try to follow the plate method when packing your lunch!

#3 - Plan when eating out 

If you do eat out for a meal at work, you can also use the plate method. Make sure your meal has a lean protein option, choose soups that are not cream-based and ask for salad dressing on the side.

Pro Tip:

  • If you have difficulty trying to find a place that you can get your half plate of veggies from, find a restaurant that you can order a side salad or cup of veggie soup from! 

#4 - Stretch often 

Sitting and staring at a computer monitor all day is taxing on your back, eyes, neck, hips, hands and wrists. Get up from your desk once every hour and stretch and/or move around for several minutes. Use eye drops for strained eyes. 

#5 - Schedule walking meetings 

Do you have something brief to discuss with a coworker? Instead of having that conversation in an office, take a short walk while you discuss it!

#6 - Take the stairs

It may not seem like a lot, but if you add one extra flight of stairs each day, it will add up over the course of the week and month!

Pro Tip:

  • You don't have to choose between walking and the elevator. You can do both! Ride the elevator to a floor or two above/below your destination, and then walk the stairs the remaining flights.

#7 - Walk, don’t drive

If you have to get somewhere within walking distance to your office, resist the temptation to drive and walk!

Pro Tip:

  • Make a "rule" for yourself that you will walk to destinations within certain distances.

#8 - Take your lunch break

It's so easy to just eat lunch over our desks and computers, but taking a break from work can help break up the work day, improve overall productivity and decrease stress. Here are alternative ideas to spending your lunch break at your desk:

Pro Tip:

  • If it’s nice out, eat outside! Spending time in the sun can boost your mood and will actually help you sleep better at night, making you more productive during the day.
  • Take a fitness or yoga class if there are options nearby!
  • Go for a walk! 

#9 -  Hydrate 

If you get headaches during the day, it may be a sign that you're not drinking enough water. Sip throughout the day and sub water in for other types of drinks such as sodas! 

Pro Tip:

  • If you get bored of water, mix in a sparking water (without added sugars or sweeteners, such as La Croix, Bubly or Dasani sparkling waters). 

#10 - Destress 

Take just a minute or two to take a break from your work and look away from your desk. Take that brief period of time and practice breathing, or just look out the window. If you do this a couple times of day, it can really help lower your stress levels even though you're only doing it for a minute or two at a time!


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