Get to Know the PUSH511 Coaches: Kevin

Get to know Coach Kevin!

Kevin coaches PUSH511's group CrossFit and FitKids classes, and also works with PUSH511's adaptive athletes! Kevin shared why he loves coaching at PUSH:

About Kevin: My introduction to CrossFit was around 2011, at a competition that both of my brothers were in. I was still a collegiate athlete, but I remember saying to them, “I’m never going to try this.” Fast forward to three years later when my friend brought me to PUSH511 for a workout on the promise that ‘there were no barbell movements involved’ so I would be fine. That workout was Filthy 50’s, and, I definitely was not fine. So naturally, 8 Years later, I’m still doing Crossfit.

I have been involved in sports since the day I was born, a tri-sport athlete in high school, and a collegiate varsity lacrosse player. Competition is, and always has been my core-driving factor. Being social and part of a team is a big part of how I work also. CrossFit provides a platform that fulfills both of these needs, all while enjoying myself and improving my overall health. This sport is for everybody, period. No matter what your background is, tracks in life are, or goals for yourself might be, I guarantee you will fit in at PUSH511 and the amazing community we have here!

When did you start CrossFit? October 2012.

When did you start coaching at PUSH511? Summer of 2019 – Pandemi-coach!!

What is your fitness background outside of CrossFit? Lacrosse, soccer, swimming, volleyball, golf, snowboarding. Tri-sport athlete in high school (4 years). Collegiate varsity lacrosse player at York College.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family: Youngest of three boys, so competition was ingrained in my life from the get-go. We were the family that went on a ski vacation instead of the beach. I am a dual citizen: American/Canadian. Born and raised here in MD. I am a personal trainer at Kennedy Krieger Institute with the Spinal Cord Injury Department. Love anything sci-fi and superhero-related – basically just a giant kid at heart.

What is your favorite movement? When the clock stops and I get to lay down on the floor. Also gymnastics movements.

What is your least favorite movement? When the clock starts and I have to move again. Also, rowing is the bane of my existence.

When do you normally coach? Tuesday evenings @ 6:20 and 7:30, Friday evenings @ 5:10 and Friday Night Lights open gym, Last Saturday in the month @ 9:15 and 10:30. Adaptive Crossfit and FitKids as well!

Do you prefer working out in the morning, afternoon or evening, and why? If you know anything about me, I am not a morning person, my body doesn’t function before the sun comes up. Evenings all the way!!

What is your favorite song to workout to? Not a single song in particular, but you might hear Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, or Drake on once or twice.

How has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym? CrossFit has affected my life in so many positive ways. Overall health and fitness (obviously), improved my overall mental state and self-awareness, provides the spark of competition in my life that helps drive me, and above all, has given me an amazing community with wonderful people to surround myself with!

What do you enjoy most about coaching? When an athlete, new or seasoned, gets a new milestone. Or seeing the “light bulb moment” happen from a coaching cue take place.

What’s the next goal you’re looking to achieve as an athlete? Continue improving each day.

What’s the next goal you’re looking to achieve as a coach? Obtain L-2 Certification.

What’s one thing you’d like to say to all our athletes at PUSH511? “May the best of your todays, be the worst of your tomorrow’s” – Jay-Z

What tips would you offer someone who is just getting started with CrossFit? 1) No matter where you come from or where you want to go, step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. 2) This sport is for everyone. 3) Small progress is still progress.

Where is your favorite place to vacation? Anywhere on a mountain with fresh snow, notably Colorado.

If you could have any superpower, what would that superpower be and why? Wolverine regeneration, so all of my body’s injuries would heal themselves instantly.

If you could only watch one show for the rest of your life, what would it be? Toss-up between ‘Scrubs’ and ‘Modern Family’ - watch them and you’ll understand.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Blue Angels Fighter Pilot.

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