Tired of scratching your head over the crazy CrossFit acronyms?  See our handy CrossFit Acronym List to make life easy.

AMRAP As Many Reps or Rounds as Possible
ATG Ass to Grass
BP Bench press
BS Back squat
BW (or BWT) Body weight
CFT CrossFit Total - consisting of max Back Squat, Push Press, and Deadlift
CLN Clean
C&J Clean and jerk
C2 Concept II rowing machine
DL Deadlift
FS Front squat
GHD Glute ham developer. Posterior chain exercise, hip & back extensions. Also Sit-ups.
GPP General physical preparedness, aka "fitness"
GTG Grease the Groove, a protocol of doing many sub-maximal sets of an exercise throughout the day
H2H Hand to hand; refers to Jeff Martone's kettlebell "juggling" techniques (or to combat)
HSPU Handstand push up
HSQ Hang squat (clean or snatch)
KB Kettlebell
KTE Knees to elbows
MetCon Metabolic Conditioning workout
MP Military press
MU Muscle ups
OHS Overhead squat
PC Power clean
Pd Pood, weight measure for kettlebells
PR Personal record
PP Push press
PSN Power snatch
PU Pull-ups, possibly push-ups depending on the context
Rep Repetition. One performance of an exercise.
Rx'd; as Rx'd: As prescribed; as written. WOD done without any adjustments.
RM Repetition maximum. Your 1RM is your max lift for one rep. Your 10 RM is the most you can lift 10 times.
SDHP Sumo deadlift high pull
Set A number of repetitions. e.g., 3 sets of 10 reps, often seen as 10X3, means do 10 reps, rest, repeat, rest, repeat.
SN Snatch
SQ Squat
SS Starting Strength; Mark Rippetoe's book on strength training basics.
Subbed Substituted. The CORRECT use of "subbed," as in "substituted," is, "I subbed an exercise I can do for one I can't," For example if you can't do HSPU, you subbed regular pushups.
TGU Turkish get-up
TTB Toes to bar
WO, sometimes W/O Workout
WOD Workout of the day
YBF You'll Be Fine (liberally applied in spray form)
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