Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Exercising at Home
I. Create a space.
In order to get after a workout the same way that you do in the gym you will need to create a space where you have room to move. This can depend on the movements you're doing, but at the very least try to carve out a 6'x6' space. This should allow for most bodyweight movements as well and dumbbell or kettlebell work you may be doing. You may have to move your living room table to the side or slide your dining room table against the wall, but this will allow you to move without worry of bumping into everything around you.
II. Create a routine.
If you don't create a routine, you will find it very easy to skip your workout. Schedule this time for you and don't cancel on yourself. If you can get into a regular routine it will make it very easy to keep a bit of normalcy and sanity during times when the outside world isn't requiring you to be somewhere. Besides, motivation is fleeting, it is discipline that gets results.
III. Reaffirm your 'why.'
The most important of the three. Why did you get into working out in the first place? Was it to set an example for your kids? Was it to push your body to the limits of what it can do? Was it to improve your health and happiness in order to live a longer and more productive life? Whatever it was, you need to sit down and ask yourself why it's important that you be disciplined to exercise each day. One of my favorite quotes around this is from Friedrich Nietzsche..."He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how".
So move some stuff around. Schedule time for you. Ask yourself why. These three things will make working out at home seem much more lasting.  
Having an Online Personal Trainer to help you create your programming, keep you to a schedule and holding you accountable is critical so you meet your goals and achieve your why.
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