Personal Training Spotlight: Jenny

April's Personal Training Spotlight is Jenny! Jenny began training with PUSH511 coach, Shannon, in November 2021. Not only has personal training improved Jenny's physical wellness, but it has helped reduce her stress and lead effectively as the President and CEO of The Children's Guild. In her words, working out with PUSH511 has been "life-changing." Read on to see what Jenny's many accomplishments have looked like!

What's your fitness background? Let’s see…childhood basketball; the only girl on the team on to softball and tennis in middle school; landed on cheer team in high school and college; jumped in with a personal trainer post-college; incorporated running which allowed me to clear my head as I jumped into the world of work; stepped back for a few years before finding a new home at PUSH.

What's your favorite movement to do in the gym? Farmer’s carry - I like the movement and weight in one.

What's your least favorite movement? Burpees - does anyone like them?

What do you do for work? CEO at The Children’s Guild - a nonprofit organization serving children and families throughout MD, DC and VA.

Tell us a little about yourself and your family. I am married to Paul Livelli, a fellow PUSH member. Paul and I have been married for 13 years. We have four children: Taylor, Jameson, Ana and Cailyn. We have two labs - Annie and Hazel. Hazel loves PUSH as much and Paul and I do!

Prior to being named CEO of The Children's Guild in March 2021, I served as COO of the organization. I've also served as director of continuous quality improvement. Prior to The Children's Guild, I owned and consulted for Kids First Educational and Behavioral Consulting, providing educational and behavioral consultation services to families and private schools working with children with special needs. I also worked as a senior school administrator at Sheppard Pratt Health System in Towson and focused on compliance and risk management, program development, and school leadership.

Tell us something we don't know about you! Beauty pageants were alive and well in my youth including a Miss America preliminary pageant in my teens…no, I didn’t win that one!

How has working out & personal training affected your life outside the gym? Oh goodness. Life changing. I push for a work-life balance for all of my employees. When I stepped into the role of CEO, I knew that modeling self-care started with me. I am certain without having a space that is MINE, I would not be able to lead as I do. I have a very special mentor, Martina. She told me early in my journey, I needed time for myself. My time is PUSH is my time. I get to work out and think about ONLY my workouts. 3x a week I am able to focus on myself!

When I started, Ardy took the time to meet with me and listen. The goals of the gym were in direct alignment with my own leadership goals. Suck less meant I didn’t have to be a superstar athlete. I could be me and that fitness was a journey and that journey didn’t have to have a destination. I just wanted to feel better about myself and Ardy understood that.

I met Shannon and she did the same. She listened. She asked what I wanted. She didn’t choose my goals for me, she allowed me the space to decide. I wanted a time and space for me and to feel better (manage the stress, jump into my late 40s feeling fitter). She started off meeting me where I was on my fitness journey and planned with me. Shannon knows when to push me and when to coach me through tough moments. She also knows when I am pushing too hard. I rarely remember my PRs and while my husband thrives off of his PRs, I just appreciate that I am making progress. This year, Shannon pressed me for a goal. She knew it was time and I was ready. So, deadlifts here we come! This journey with Shannon has improved my fitness, my ability to manage stress, I sleep well and found my confidence. I am not sure how you package that up with a bow but it is a gift that I am so very grateful for!

Jenny Deadlift

What do you enjoy most about PUSH? The community…how is it possible that you can find so many people willing to support you in your own fitness journey? Oh, and the dogs make my heart happy! They have their own community.

What tips would you offer someone who is just getting started with working out? Be clear about your why…this is your journey. Only you know what works best for you and what will keep you motivated. I promise you will not regret it!

What's your favorite song to work out to? Quiet Riot - Cum on Feel the Noize

Jenny L Bike Erg

What's your favorite restaurant? Anything Indian!

Who's your hero (real or fictional)? My grandmother.

What does your frequently used emoji tab look like? Laughing Tears Emoji

Words to live by or favorite quote? Stay the course - Jenny Livelli

What's your favorite travel spot With my family in NC

If you could win an Olympic gold medal for any sport, real or fake, what would it be? Leadership Olympics - I am making this up but I do LOVE the art of leadership.

What's your hidden talent? Organizing - it doesn’t sound exciting I know but I LOVE organizing.

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