Nutrition Spotlight: Adam

Meet Adam. He’s been a nutrition client with PUSH511 for three years and has been an example of how consistency and perseverance pay off. Adam joined PUSH511 wanting to build muscle and gain strength without increasing his body fat. He wanted a better understanding of basic nutrition principles so he could dial in his eating habits in a way to make and retain progress.

We talk a lot about making consistent changes to your nutrition for results that will actually last, but what does that process actually look like? Adam’s story is a prime example!

During his three years of working with Steve, one of PUSH511’s nutrition coaches, Adam has gone from weighing 130 pounds to 152 pounds. This includes:

  • Gaining 13 pounds of muscle mass
  • Lowering his body fat percentage

How did he do it? We talked to Adam to see what the process looked like from his perspective, how nutrition coaching with PUSH511 helped him, and how he feels:

“My name is Adam. I am a High School Math Teacher at North Allegheny Senior High School, which is located near Pittsburgh, PA.

“My source of nutrition 2-3 years ago was extremely poor. I was consistently hitting up drive-throughs or picking up something convenient at the grocery store. I aspired to put on healthy weight, and realized that I needed to change all of my nutritional habits at the time. I truly didn’t know ‘how to eat’ properly to achieve the goals that I aspired to reach.

“I have been able to put on a little over 20 pounds over the past two years. This has been achieved solely through healthy eating. I have learned to cook and prepare healthy meals on my own. I have developed a workout routine that I follow consistently, which allows me to remain active 4-5 days throughout the week.”

One of the benefits of working with a nutrition coach is that they can help pinpoint the skills or habits you may be lacking that, when added to your routine, could help aid your success. That’s where working with a nutrition coach becomes invaluable.

“I have learned how to utilize MyFitnessPal to track and monitor the foods that I eat. Early on in the process, I was able to realize that I wasn’t eating enough protein, alongside enough calories, to achieve my goal of healthy weight gain. I also learned how easy it is to prepare meals. I find myself crunched for time on many occasions, so these time-saving ‘hacks’ have been lifesaving!

Since I struggle to eat enough throughout the day, tracking my food has been most helpful. MyFitnessPal is so quick and easy to use! Throughout the day, I am able to track where I currently stand in terms of my daily macros. Without it, I wouldn’t be eating nearly enough (or healthy enough) to reach my goals!”

Of course, Adam’s results that can be measured by the scale are impressive, but what other shifts has he experienced since working with a PUSH511 nutrition coach?

“My general well-being has increased. I notice that I have more energy throughout the day, and that I am able to sleep better. Alongside nutrition, my strength has increased while I work out. I am consistently able to hit PR’s far above those I was able to hit before I took this nutritional change. I find that when I create a routine for myself, in terms of diet and exercise, I am able to achieve many of the goals that I set for myself. Even though I have put on weight, I am able to tell that most of it has been muscle-based. Which helps me realize that I’ve been doing this all correctly!

This experience has been so beneficial to me. Even though I live a state away, I still feel so close to PUSH as I work with Steve to develop and maintain my goals. This is truly a great community!”

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