Members of the Month - April 2022

Congratulations, Adam & Jared!

Adam and Jared are our April Members of the Month! Adam and Jared have been attending PUSH511's group CrossFit classes for a while now. This is why our coaches voted for them to be this month's members of the month:

Adam & Jared individually and together have brought their best to PUSH511 for many years. They have put in an incredible amount of time conditioning themselves to achieve fitness goals and we're constantly amazed by their output. They're pound for pound some of the best athletes we have! They're also entrenched in the community aspect by participating in competitions, social events, and being there to fist bump all members at PUSH. They're an absolute joy to have around and very much earned the Members of the Month award!

Adam and Jared are amazing athletes! Both are excellent examples of the importance of consistency in your training/nutrition. Adam and Jared have both made massive strides in all of the fitness domains since joining PUSH and it’s been so fun to see them grow and progress. Looking forward to seeing them continue to build!

Adam and Jared both have been putting in max effort in the gym since they’ve both been at PUSH. Always challenging themselves to do better and silently putting in the work and it shows. Always look forward to seeing them both crush every WOD.

Jared and Adam are great athletes and great people. I always enjoy working out with them. Not only do they work really hard, and it shows, but their attitude lifts those around them and makes everyone better.

Adam & Jared put in such hard work during class and on their own before or after class. You’ll often find them working on lifting technique and eeking out seemingly small 2# gains on lifts, just because they want to get stronger. They realize the process is arduous and is not always a linear path, but they both still put in the work! They’re both very humble about their gains, PRs, and achievements, too - they’ll frequently come into class and will quietly tell me about a huge PR that most people would be shouting from the rooftops. Well deserved Adam & Jared!

Now, let's get to know our members of the month!

When did you start CrossFit?

  • Adam: November of 2018. It would’ve been sooner but I repeatedly told Jared CrossFit was stupid. As usual, I was wrong.
  • Jared: In 2014, in the middle of nursing school- I know. Doesn’t look like I’ve been doing CrossFit for 8 years lol.

What's your fitness background?

  • Adam: Growing up I was always involved in some type of sport - swimming, lacrosse, and cross country in high school. After high school I started getting back into running, eventually completing a marathon and eventually picking up biking and racing Ironman distance triathlons.
  • Jared: I played soccer for 2 years in high school and I ran a little in college. Other than that my fitness journey didn’t start until 2014.

What's your favorite CrossFit movement?

  • Adam: Dramatically falling to the floor after any WOD. Squat snatches are a close second though.
  • Jared: Either the snatch or handstand walking (now that I can do them!)

What's your least favorite movement?

  • Adam: Whoever invented Wall Balls should be fined and jailed. Oh - and “Power” anything.
  • Jared: Thrusters. By far.

What do you do for work?

  • Adam: Orthopedic spine surgery Physician Assistant. I literally break peoples backs. CrossFit really keeps us in business.
  • Jared: I’m a nurse at hopkins, applying for PA school.

Tell us a little about yourself and your family.

  • Adam: I am the youngest of 4 with 2 sisters and a brother (also Catherine at the gym is my cousin - but our family tree is so wild we didn’t find out until literally about 5 years ago). Luckily we all live in the Maryland area so we get to pester each other. I also have the most beautiful 1-year-old niece and 2 incredibly tall nephews. Most importantly though dog dad to Tucker and Riley!
  • Jared: I’m originally from Arkansas. I originally reached out to Jarrett when I was planning on being here for a few months for work (a travel nurse at the time). And then….well I met Adam and I stayed! All of my family is back in Arkansas or in Tennessee.

Tell us something we don't know about you!

  • Adam: I was adopted from South Korea at the age of 1 (and can’t wait to visit someday!). The running joke is I was shipped over in a FedEx box, but I don’t think that is really true.
  • Jared: It doesn’t benefit me at all, but my great (x4)-grandmother was in royalty. Simply she was the chief's daughter of our family’s Native American tribe.

How has CrossFit affected your life outside of the gym?

  • Adam: I think the biggest way it has affected me is that it has made me more disciplined, patient, and has given me more structure. It also allows me to have the energy to get through my workday and hectic schedule. But most importantly, and specifically, to PUSH, I have an incredible group of friends and support system that I lean on every day.
  • Jared: It has made me make more healthy decisions as far as food and drinking more water - because I want to be able to get through the workouts without passing out.

What do you enjoy most about PUSH511?

  • Adam: The puppers!!!! My ideal WOD would be 100 puppy pets for time - or a 20-minute puppy pet AMPAP (As many pets as possible)
  • Jared: The community and how much everyone encourages each other in workouts!

What tips would you offer to someone who is just getting started with working out?

  • Adam: Have fun and don’t compare yourself to others! This is definitely something I still have to remind myself from time to time, but ultimately we’re all here to have fun and improve ourselves - no one else. If you are constantly comparing or competing with others, the fun can get lost. And just enjoy the journey!
  • Jared: Don’t get fixed on the workout, weights, or the movements-CrossFit is great because you can always scale anything. The workout is yours. Make it as challenging or as smooth as you want it. Put in the time and the effort, you will start to see whatever results you’re looking for.

What's your favorite song to work out to?

  • Adam: 2000/2010s punk rock!
  • Jared: Anything hard/emo rock (Coach Joe’s playlist!!!!)

What's your favorite restaurant?

  • Adam: Verde! Pizza and cocktails - my favorite combo.
  • Jared: In the city, probably Koopers or Chasseur.

Who's your hero (real or fictional)?

  • Adam: My Aunt - she’s literally the smartest and hardest working person I’ve met.
  • Jared: My granddad.

What does your frequently used emoji tab look like?

  • Adam: Adam emoji tab
  • Jared: I only use two emojis frequently: Jared's frequent emojis... the others that are listed are completely random.

Words to live by or favorite quote?

  • Adam: “To Give Anything Less Than Your Best Is to Sacrifice The Gift” -Steve Prefontaine
  • Jared: Laughter is the best medicine. A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Which also happens to be a verse from the Bible. Proverbs 17:23

What's your favorite travel spot?

  • Adam: The beach - not actually a fan of the actual beach/ocean, but I enjoy beach towns
  • Jared: The mountains. Haven’t been there in years.

If you could win an Olympic medal for any sport, real or fake, what would it be?>

  • Adam: Curling for sure.
  • Jared: Quidditch!!

What's your hidden talent?

  • Adam: I can nap anywhere.
  • Jared: Ummmm…..none available.

What are your top five favorite movies?


  1. The Devil Wears Prada
  2. The Wolf of Wall Street
  3. Elf
  4. Love Actually
  5. Remember the Titans


  1. We'll clump the Harry Potter movies together
  2. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies
  3. Moana
  4. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (and book)
  5. The Duff
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