Olympic Lifting

Do you struggle with the Olympic Lifts?

Have you hit a wall with your max Snatch and Clean & Jerk?
Do your hips not fully open to reach full extension?
Do you want to be able to better cycle your reps?
Are you slow to drop under the bar?
Having trouble keeping the bar close to your body?
Do you feel like the Split Jerk is a strange dance?

Well then PUSH511 has you covered! 

Improve your technique to reach a new PR and learn how to be more efficient in a workout to maximize your performance.

Olympic Lifting Open Gym

Skill Training


* Sundays at 10 am, minimum 2X/month

* 90 Minutes

* Max 6 attendees

* Lead by Coach Laura Panozza CFL-1 & USAW-L1

There is no programming, as it is an open gym style block of time. The space is limited  so that you get more one-on-one coaching. Please come prepared with an idea of what you want to work on and/or where your movement frustrations lie.

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3700 O’donnell St
Suite 240
Baltimore, MD 21224