Deshields Memorial Workout

Celebrate the life of Diane Deshields

Labor Day Monday, September 2nd

Please join Lysette as we gather to honor and celebrate the life of her mother, Diane.

Part of what makes the CrossFit community great is our ability to band together when a member needs us. 

Lysette's sister Diana is a member of Tough Temple CrossFit and on July 27th they hosted a memorial WOD, PUSH511 CrossFit is continuing the celebration of life this Labor Day.

The 2 CrossFit gyms are raising funds to help cover expenses.  Please support Lysette, Diana and their family by contributing.

After the classes we will hold a potluck brunch at the gym.



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* Classes will be at 9 am & 10 am, capped at 30/class. If fill up will add an 11 am class.

* Everyone is welcome, the workout can be modified to all fitness levels.

* FREE to all non-members.

* PUSH511 Members you MUST PRE-REGISTER for the class to reserve your spot!!!


4 Rounds

800M Partner Run

11 Strict Pull ups

13 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24"/20")

59 Goblet Squats (55#/35#)

*** While 1 partner is working, the other partner is in a hold: Handstand or Plank.

4 = Children

11-13-59 = Birthday

59 = Age

Non-PUSH511 Members


* Labor Day Monday, Sept. 2nd.

* On the calendar, scroll to Sept. 2nd & choose the 9 am or 10 am class.

* If we fill up each class we will add an 11 am class.


Goal is $10,000

* Let's surpass the target of $10,000!

* If you are unable to participate please consider contributing.

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