Meditation is NOT Bull Shit

Meditation is definitely not bull shit!  It is like taking fish oil. You do not see the immediate impact but you do know when you are not taking your oils.  I am sleeping better, lower stress, less anxious, things that would normally trigger anger in me are now held back and I assess before responding or I do not respond since it would not add value or positivity for me or to others.


As I come up on 90 days of meditating since starting in mid-January, it truly is a game changer. The critical step to being successful (you define success as you see fit) is being consistent and doing it. Just like anything in life we always have great intentions but unless you act upon them you have nothing.


Actions that have kept me consistently meditating 6-7 times per week:

  • Same time of day;
  • Write it on my weekly calendar;
  • Mixing it up between just myself and a guided meditation app;
  • Doing it, even if less than my target 20 minutes, 5 minutes is better than 0.


My favorite (free) app is InsightTimer, which is a silly name for a mediation app.  They provide various time options, guided, music, sleep focused, kids, roughly 90,000 Meditations. Some of the voices I find soothing, others are like “F&*K No” that is not helpful.  Davidji seems to be one of my favorites, now I know why Coach Sam Vincent is so good at Double Unders he is channeling his inner Davidji.


Many times my mind barely settles in during the 20 minutes, but I no longer say I failed, rather I congratulate myself for taking the time to practice being present.  You need to accept the fact that your mind has one duty, to think and create thoughts. Just like your heart has a job to continually pump blood. However, you can control your thinking and thoughts  BUT you need to be proactive and not let your thoughts control you.   


Picture yourself floating down a fast running river, the water is your thoughts and ideas rushing forward and carrying you with it, but what if you reached out and grabbed the rock sticking out of the water and pulled yourself up?  So now instead of being part of the constantly changing thoughts you are now outside and can see them but not be absorbed by them.  You can pick which ones to respond to or to just sit back and be present as the water rushes by you not with you.


I still find it hard to settle myself in, focusing on my breath is ok but does not fully ground me, so I am working on different approaches such as your chakras. 

1. Root (Red)

  • Located at the base of your spine.
  • Help you feel grounded, sense of security and stability.

2. Sacral (Orange)

  • Located 2” below your belly button.
  • Creative energy, sensitivity. How you relate to your emotions and the emotions of others.

3. Solar Plexus (Yellow)

  • Located between your naval and sternum.
  • Confidences and self-esteem. Help you feel in control of your life.

4. Heart (Green)

  • Located at the center of the chest.
  • Ability to give and receive love,  show compassion.

5. Throat (Blue)

  • Located base of throat to center of the eyes.
  • Self expression and the ability to communicate clearly, verbally and written.

6. Third-Eye (Indigo/Purple)

  • Located at the center of the forehead between eyebrows.
  • Intuition and imagination, your strong gut instinct.

7. Crown (Purple/Violet)

  • Located 2” above your head.
  • Spiritual connection to yourself, others and the universe. Plays a role in your life's purpose.


Meditation is a practice just like working out. You need to consistently do it even if tired. You need to try different things so continually advancing your self awareness and gaining  deeper insight on who you are. Whether you do small group CrossFit classes or have a Personal Trainer, all about being consistent in mind and body. CrossFit is functional fitness.

Till next time!


In case you missed Part 1 of this blog series - Meditation Is Bull Shit

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