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Our Programming

The recommended days to workout is 3 days on followed by 1 day of rest

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.  With everyone jumping on the “functional movement” bandwagon these days, you may ask, how is PUSH511 different?

Our programming is a blend of ‘old-school’ CrossFit workouts, Metabolic Conditioning (aka “cardio”), Gymnastic Movements, Weightlifting and Stretching all woven together in each thoroughly planned-out class.  While some main-stream athletes excel in just one of these areas, we truly believe that mixing these elements provides the pathway to the most physically fit body you can achieve.

Our programming is done with everyone in mind, from advanced athletes to beginners. We weight-lift 3-5 days a week.  We run, row or jump rope almost every day either in warm-ups or workouts. We perform body weight/gymnastic movements almost every day.  We stretch every single day following our workouts.  But we keep you guessing as to what will come next!

Why don’t we follow the CrossFit Main Page? Because we wanted to build a foundation of the basic weightlifting, gymnastic and metabolic movements while being able to prep our members a few days in advance of a new skill (nothing sucks worse than learning a new movement for the first time and having to perform a thousand reps of it!).  We also felt that member feedback was very important, and we are now able to make changes on the fly if needed.  But that's not to say you won't see some common favorite main page workouts, Girls & Heroes - we love 'em!

Our programming includes a group warm-up to review the skills necessary for the workout and to mobilize the areas that will be taxed that day.  Our programmers ensure that we have covered what we believe are the basic core elements: squats, deadlifts, presses, Olympic lifting, pull-ups, push-ups, ab movements, running, rowing, jumping, throwing and flexibility. The programming takes the basic core elements and mixes in variables of time, weight, reps, and type of exercise performed.  We ensure that we haven’t programmed too many shoulder or upper body movements, that our legs aren’t going to hurt for days on end, and that we haven’t neglected the most important body area: the mid-line stabilizers, the trunk, the i-can-finally-take-my-shirt-off-on-the-beach muscles (also known as the abs, back & chest).

And that’s what makes us PUSH511 – we aren’t routine or predictable, and our members will never forget performing burpees while running a mile, tire flips and sled pushes, the first time they climbed a rope and their first pull-up… all while cheering each other on to go faster and perform better.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, every day you will be pushed to perform to the best of YOUR ability with technique and safety as your focus.  Some days you will see two WODs offered, Fitness or Competitor.  We consider Fitness to be our main gym programming, geared to 80-90% of our athletes.  Competitor is for those that are serious about competing.  Both can be RX'd or Scaled.


PUSH511 designed this program for you to learn the basic philosophy and mechanics of CrossFit in order for you to enter the Open Classes with the knowledge and confidence to ensure an effective workout. The program is lead by a CrossFit Trained Coach in a maximum class of 12 people.

The sessions entail a warm-up, skill training on the fundamental movements, teaching you various CrossFit exercises, discussion of the CrossFit philosophy, plus a workout.  Individuals will be provided with reading material covering the CrossFit Philosophy, the Fundamental Movements, Nutrition and you will receive a workout/food journal.

Skill Training will include the following:

Weightlifting & Throwing: Squats: Air Squat, Front Squat, Back Squat, Overhead Squat; Presses: Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push/Split Jerk; Deadlift, Clean, Snatch, Thruster, Kettlebell Swing, Wall Ball.

Gymnastics: Push-up, Pull-up, Sit-ups, Hip Extensions, Box Jump, Handstands, Dips, Burpee, Knees to elbows, Toes to bar

Metabolic (Cardiovascular) Conditioning: Rowing, Running, Jumping Rope


Still feel like there is energy left in the tank after a WOD? Training for a marathon or distance event? Looking to step it up to the next level or change up your routine? Then 511Grit is for you.

Emphasis is on endurance training with a combination of body weight exercise, strength training, and functional movement. Learn mobility tips and tricks to enhance recovery and keep you up and running.


A full hour of pure yoga, led by trained Yoga instructors.  Teaching you how to breathe and become more flexible while getting your namaste on.

Outside The Box

If you cannot make it into PUSH511 for a daily WOD or are traveling and do not have access to equipment, please see our Traveling WOD List

Tired of scratching your head over the crazy CrossFit acronyms? See our CrossFit Acronyms List.

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