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All our coaches started as members within our community. We have a wide range of age and experience from Level 2 CrossFit trainers to Doctors of Physical Therapy.  All our coaches are certified in CPR/First Aid. We believe in ongoing learning from multiple sources both within and outside the CrossFit community. We preach form and technique over weight and speed.  

We practice mobility and functional fitness above all else 

Ardyth Hall

  • Owner
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Endurance
  • CrossFit Kettlebell
  • CrossFit Movement & Mobility
  • CrossFit Goal Setting

I have been athletic all my life in various avenues from group to individual sport activities. I am naturally competitive and live to learn. After many years of endurance racing which included 6 marathons, 3 Ironman distance triathlons, a one day 200 mile organized bike ride plus numerous running races, century bike rides, and shorter distance triathlons my mind and body burned out and I was looking for something that would challenge me physically and mentally, CrossFit is the answer.

CrossFit kicks my butt in a totally different way than I ever physically experienced before, it taught me to appreciate every muscle in my body and how important building from the core means in overall life. I thought a triathlon was a multi-event but I was so wrong, CrossFit is total body. To me every workout is race day. As I trained for endurance events the long training days became monotonous. The daily workouts to me feel like a race day, I am excited and try to push myself to new levels, even on the days when the mojo is low. CrossFit is not about being an expert in one area but being a master of many, which is how I believe, is the best way to live.

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." - George Bernard Shaw

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Jill Genschoreck

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Jill was the General Manager at BTB CrossFit in Atlanta for nearly two years before moving to Baltimore in late 2008. Although she is back in the corporate world, her heart remains with coaching CrossFit classes.

"If you tell me I can't, I will" has never been my official adopted motto, but it has always been my way of life. At the age of 19, I ruptured a disk in my lower back while in dance practice and underwent surgery. I was devastated when my doctor told me I would never dance, cheer, swim or do any type of aerobic activity again... deep down I knew my only choice was to try anyway.

Three years later, a friend told me she was running a 5k and would be faster than any of our friends. To heck with the doctor's wisdom - my competitive spirit took over and I took up running. I beat her by a minute and a half and hated every minute of that race. Over the next year, I ran, danced and played volleyball - I realized the more active I was, the better my back felt!

In October 2006 some fellow fitness boot camp instructors and I attended our first CrossFit class at CrossFit Atlanta. Not only did it kick our butts, but every class gave me a sense of true camaraderie, accomplishment, friendly competition and quickly set the stage for short term and long term fitness goals. I envied photos and videos of super-fit yet feminine women doing pull-ups, lifting heavy weights and running fast. Could I do that? Could women really be strong without looking like body-builders? What about the age-old theory that lifting weights makes women bulk up? Could this be safe for men and women with knee problems, shoulder issues & back injuries? In-between CrossFit classes, I started researching functional movements, nutrition, running and the importance of varying both movement and intensity in workouts... and it changed my life.

CrossFit is about finding your inner best, pushing your limitations and becoming as fit as you can be. My true passion is helping others do things they never thought possible, whether it be lose weight, gain strength, eat healthier, run faster or simply have more energy to play with their kids. I love the challenge of helping others reach their goals!

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Sebastien Fitzpatrick

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Scaling Course

Before I started CrossFit in 2014, I had no idea what fitness entailed. I was fat, out of shape, eating delicious junk food, and happy with it, "working out was just for jock meat-heads," I told my self. But then I realized that I could not even take the stairs without sweating, laser tag was hard, and hiking was a chore. This needed to change, I had no idea where to start; then CrossFit entered my mind. A daily workout to follow, coached by a wide breadth of individuals; of which have come from all sorts of fitness backgrounds to help answer my questions. In five months I lost 50# and learned that working out is the foundation to happy living for everyone. Because of my life changing experience, I am very passionate about sharing CrossFit with you! 

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Bradley Anderson

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

My name is Bradley and I am a nerd. Not until 2007 at the age of 23 did I have any interest in strength training. I was a ghost with no muscle mass to speak of; then I found CrossFit. Coach Greg Glassman says that "men will die for points." The combination of competition with the fun of sport produces a powerful positive feedback mechanism with sexy side effects. Working out with my CrossFit family is the most exciting part of my day!

In my opinion the most special thing about CrossFit is the community, and that you can make it your own. Our community is special in that the last person to finish a workout gets the most encouragement. Our program is special in that after becoming familiarized with the movements and methods, it is easy to get in a world-class workout anywhere, at any time! Gymnastics at the box, squats in your living room, burpees at the mall, and handstand walking on the beach are all fun ways to stay fit and challenge yourself to be better.


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Chris Caldwell

  • Level 1 Trainer
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Rob Connors

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I have been involved with CrossFit and PUSH511 since 2011. I have made friends with a great group of people over that time. In addition, I met my wife at PUSH511 and we now have an amazing little boy. I enjoy coaching athletes of all ages and capabilities but I particularly enjoy coaching the Olympic lifts. 

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Justin Ellis

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I was first introduced to CrossFit workouts when I was in the Marine Corps and I'll be the first one to admit that I HATED IT! I was too immature and stuck in the traditional gym ways.

Fast forward to today and I finally understand what fitness is meant to be.  If I only knew what I know now then......I love the challenge of CrossFit and the variety of movements.  More than that, I enjoy watching individuals fulfill their fitness goals.

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Ryan Flammang

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I discovered CrossFit in 2009 when a few of my coworkers raved about how much they enjoyed the workouts.  This came at a perfect time because I was looking to try something different and add some variety to my workouts.  As a firefighter, functional fitness is very important to the daily demands of my job so I was excited to try something new that would keep me prepared for anything I might face at work and in daily life.  I found that CrossFit provides a way for me to constantly challenge myself and I have also really enjoyed the community and friends I have made through PUSH511.  

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Kelly Masterson

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • YogaFit Instructor Level 3

After twelve years of a combination of running, weight lifting, cardio, yoga, and group fitness classes as part of my regimen, I made the switch to CrossFit and truly have never felt better!

I know… sounds like an infomercial, but I have never been faster, stronger (without the ever-present fear that women have of bulking up), or more energetic. Aside from the health and wellness benefits, CrossFit has influenced my lifestyle and has provided me with a family away from home. There is a true sense of camaraderie that is developed in each WOD which carries over to life outside the walls of PUSH511.

Since I started CrossFit, I have realized my weaknesses; but more importantly, I have also realized my potential and strive towards it daily.

Kelly started the 511Grit programming and classes at PUSH511. Join her on Wednesday & Sunday to get your Grit on.

Now it is time for me to pass it on…

Lisbeth says: “Work Really hard. For years. And when a door opens, run through it. When opportunity presents itself, don’t just grab it — knock it down, toss it on your back, and sprint until you’re ready to throw up. Suck in more air and run even harder. Ignore the pain and head for the light. Run as if darkness itself is chasing you and failed steps will take your soul… And maybe, one day, you’ll find yourself wondering how you got so lucky and you’ll realize it wasn’t luck at all.”


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Shannon McGuire

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I have been involved in sports since I was 5 years old. 17 of those years were focused primarily on competitive soccer which later on evolved into college soccer. I was a three sport athlete in high school and played basketball and swam before that.  I have always been infected with a competitive spirit.

When I graduated college, I worked to lose the weight I had gained from a poor lifestyle of eating junk food and partying. I changed my diet and started doing 30 minute cardio sessions followed by an hour of lifting, focused on one particular muscle group. Eventually I lost all of my excess weight, but after a while of this same routine, I felt stuck, bored even.

I stepped in to my first CrossFit gym in January of 2015 and I haven’t looked back since. I love so many different things about the sport. The community aspect is one of the best things about CrossFit. I have made lifelong friends of people I never would have interacted with elsewhere. Also, in CrossFit, you get out of it what you put in. You can see the results of your hard work on paper, in numbers. There is data to support whether you have become fitter than the last time you did a certain workout. My only regret so far is that I did not start sooner.

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Josh Muskin

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I've been a competitive athlete my entire life. After graduating college & leaving collegiate Lacrosse behind, I began to see a decline in my motivation to work out. My sessions in the gym got shorter, more focused on only the lifts I enjoyed. I no longer felt challenged with a goal.

In the winter of 2012 I began to dabble with CrossFit workouts at my local globo gym. They were short, intense and I wanted more. Shortly thereafter, I thought, "instead of doing all of these high intensity workouts in a cramped space in the corner of the gym... why not see what this CrossFit "box" thing was all about?".

I dropped in at PUSH511 in January of 2013 and before even beginning the workout, I knew I'd be joining. The community's overwhelming friendliness to a complete and utter stranger gave me an overwhelming feeling of comfort and motivation. I suddenly felt a part of something again, something that would lay out goals, challenge me and help me push myself to boundaries I had yet to explore.

Shortly after joining PUSH511, I began competing, and filling the void for the lost competitive sport I had been struggling with for several years. I still train, I still compete, I still feel an unwavering drive to better myself & better our community through CrossFit. In January of 2013 I made the choice to try something unfamiliar, something challenging, and after that first session... you could say the rest is history.

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Corinne Pettigrew

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I’ve always been an athlete. While I primarily played soccer, I’d also participate in almost any sport I could get my hands on: club teams or City leagues, the pick-up games in the neighborhood, or intramural games in college and grad school. In low seasons, athletic activities were supplemented with standard gym time, primarily elliptical sessions and treadmill running; I was bored, and my motivation to lift weights was virtually non-existent. I was introduced to CrossFit in 2011 by a friend who had joined a box near my house. I avoided going for a few months, claiming expense (and not admitting fear), but had to give in when a GroupOn appeared. I couldn’t lift my arms and had difficulty washing my hair for two days after my first workout – I was hooked. I joined the PUSH511 family in the Fall of 2012 when I moved to Baltimore. I was quickly integrated into the community, driven by the friendly spirit of competitiveness, encouraged by the supportive atmosphere, and humbled by the excellent coaching. PUSH has made me a better athlete, a better person, and has provided an unparalled community of friends. To be a coach in this fantastic community is an honor and privilege – I am excited to help instill my own passion for CrossFit, fitness, and the PUSH community in any athlete that walks through the door.

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Kat Ricketts

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Growing up, my world revolved around gymnastics.  To say that I was obsessed with the sport puts it lightly.  I loved pushing myself beyond my expectations, and was hooked on the feeling of butterflies I’d get every time I faced a new skill. Gymnastics taught me to be tough and ruthless; to never take no for an answer, and to smile as I waved my middle finger in the face of fear.  Gymnastics was a way of life, and a defining characteristic of who I was as a person.  The fact that the sport kept me in excellent physical condition was simply the cherry on the sundae.

Unfortunately due to injury, my gymnastics career came to a screeching halt my junior year of high school.   The end of my career felt a lot like a bad breakup – I was sad and lonely, lacking a sense of self and trying to find a way to move on.  I searched everywhere for new sports and hobbies that would keep me active and in shape; but nothing gave me the thrill and excitement that gymnastics had given me.  I’d routinely get bored and lose interest; and before I knew it, that adventurous, thrill-seeking side of me seemed to disappear.

My hunt for a new hobby continued into my 20’s and ended May of 2011 when I walked through the doors of PUSH511 for the very first time.  I was a shy, terrified, nervous wreck.  I did three rounds of Barbara and found myself on my ass reaching for the puke bucket.  Cute, right?  Well, as unappealing as this may sound to some, I was instantly hooked.  I had crawled my way through the workout as 10 strangers cheered me on; and when I was finished, I felt prouder of myself than I had in years.

I wish with every fiber of my being that I had found CrossFit sooner.  I finally feel reconnected to the adventurous side of myself that I seemed to have lost sight of.  When I’m at PUSH, I feel like myself again – loud, obnoxious, thrill-seeking Kat who hates running and loves to be upside down.  I love everything about this sport, and everything about this gym.  We’re all just a bunch of weirdos who like to have fun.  So come get weird with us.


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Jarrett Smith

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I've been involved in athletics my entire life and always appreciated a challenge. However, I'd never had my ass handed to me as bad as my first visit to PUSH. I was hooked. I got worked by every person doing the WOD with me and it drove me crazy. I signed up that week and haven't stopped since. I've traveled from Philadelphia to Miami to compete against others and test my fitness against some of the best. This community has become my family. I have made friends that I know will be with me for life, and I've made changes to my lifestyle that have made me a much happier and healthier person.

I'm in the best shape of my life, and my new drive is to help others say that as well. Helping people move better, and see the pure joy when they hit fitness milestones is what drives me as a coach. From the high level college athlete to the everyday couch potatoe. Their first pull up, push up or a clean & jerk PR. This is now my passion and I love coming to coach here every day.

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Tatsiana Toustsik

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

After my first 10 minute class I was sore for days. Stairs became a daunting task, and laughing was a struggle after working my abs so hard. Even though I had been a regular at the gym, it had been several years since I felt that kind of post workout soreness. I was immediately hooked. From that day on I was constantly competing against myself and pushing beyond boundaries. There was no way I could quit.

CrossFit has not only improved my athletic performance, but also my life in general. My 5 WOD’s per week program gives me an energy to take on everyday life that I have not had in a very long time. I use to feel completely drained after a long day at work and cringe at the thought of going to the gym. Nowadays, I still have plenty of fuel in the tank after a 10 hour work day and always look forward to going to CrossFit. Through CrossFit I have gained knowledge about the human body and the way it can perform. Level 1 seminar was a life time experience. As a result, I have the opportunity to share my story with others. The fact that CrossFit goes past the physical aspect and works to create a community is one of many reasons why it is both a unique and universal experience.


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Sam Vincent

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

If it's not fun, I'm not wasting my time with it. That's as simple as it gets for me with everything. Repetitive run of the mill routines at the gym became uninteresting and I wanted something else to do daily. Anyone who knows me knows that I get bored easily, am rather hyper, can be a bit obsessive, and love playing any game or sport. Enter CrossFit. It kicks my ass, it’s fun as hell, and once the clock starts, I don’t think about anything else going on in the world. Plus, like any game or sport, there’s a competitive nature and I love the friendly rivalries.The best workout is the one you wake up excited to do every day. It doesn't matter if that's hiking the trail with your dog, spinning, or throwing around heavy weights. Overall health and wellness is what's most important and that's all I care about. I don't want anyone to half ass anything they do, but I definitely don't take life too seriously. I'm always looking for a good, usually perverse and incredibly sadistic, laugh. Come join the cult, drink the juice, it won't kill you. See what I did there?

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Dana Robert

  • Yoga Instructor

Dana Robert has had an interest in health and fitness since she minored in dance at the University of Iowa, received a Masters in Social Work from the University of Illinois and has been teaching dance and fitness since graduation. Concurrently she took a job as a bond trader. Everything in her life soon became intense, from her career as a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, to her passion in extreme sports such as Ironman, marathons, triathlons and boxing. It was a bittersweet event that guided Dana towards yoga. After severely injuring both shoulders from boxing Dana turned to yoga for physical therapy. The doctors thought that her fitness days were going to be minimal and a double shoulder surgery was to be in her future. She took her future into her own hands and used Yoga as a means of physical therapy. After she learned to relax and slow down her mind and body on the mat she took her learning off the mat. She received her Yoga Alliance 200 level certification from Frog Lotus Yoga Studio in Massachusetts and her pilates certifications from Body Endeavors in Chicago. Soon after this she quit her job as a Trader, turned in the keys to her "Beamer" and decided to find the true pursuit of happiness...yoga! Opening The Yoga Boutique in 2007 was a true pleasure. She furthered her training by receiving her personal training certification and began her 500 level Yoga Alliance Certification in India with guidance from Frog Lotus Yoga Studio. Over the years she has practiced and trained with world renowned yogis such as: Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Richard Freeman, Gary Kraftsow, Tias Little, Rodney Yee, and Ana Forest. In 2015, after eight fabulous years of owning The Yoga Boutique she sold it and moved to Baltimore. Most recently Dana increased her fitness knowledge by finishing her teacher training on the barre method. Dana is beginning a new career path as a Veterinarian Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. So far so good….she truly loves her new east coast life!

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